Author: Janice Person

I’m a city girl. Born and raised. From generations of city folks. Interesting since I now have such a passion for agriculture. I’m really lucky in that I didn’t need to let go of any of my passions for the city! But I added farming while doing an internship with a family friend during college. He gave me a chance to meet my first cotton farmer and I realized I wanted to work with folks I really liked being around! Cotton communications became the major thrust of my career & the crop a major passion. I’ve written a lot of blog posts about cotton and have quite a few linked through my cotton 101 series. When I began getting active in social media though, it opened up the possibility of daily conversations with farmers of all sorts and I’ve been able to visit a bunch of them! Usually when I visit, I take time to share something here. Some that come to mind are Chris who showed me around my first hog farm, the Wagners who let me work cattle, my brother who runs his organic coop, cotton farmer Jay Hardwick in Louisiana, the almond trees Brent tends, or dairy farmers Dino Giacomazzi, Ray Prock and Annie Link who have shown me their farms.