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RealAgriculture is focused on the issues that are impacting agriculture. Launched in 2008, RealAgriculture started as a grassroots effort to provide farmers with a new way to access agricultural information. Today, we are the leading and only national agriculture publication in Canada, online and our daily show RealAg Radio at 4:30 PM EST on Rural Radio, channel 147 on SiriusXM.

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To reach a member of the RealAgriculture team, call 587-787-1795 or send us an email at one of the addresses below.

Our team works across the country, from Lethbridge to Ottawa, ensuring we are on top of regional and national news. We provide insight on the latest agronomic research, farm business planning, ag politics, farm show coverage around the globe and more. Whether you are a farmer, rancher, employed in industry or government, we are your source for what is happening in Canadian agriculture.

RealAgriculture is owned by Haney Farms (1985) Ltd.

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Do you have a comment or feedback about something you heard on RealAg Radio? Give us a call on our Listener Line at 1-855-776-6147.

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Alberta — Head Office

#120, 876 Heritage Blvd W.
Lethbridge, AB
Canada T1K 8G1
587-787-1795 ex. 200


Shaun Haney

Founder & CEO
[email protected]
587-787-1795 ex. 201
X: @shaunhaney

Lyndsey Smith

[email protected]
X: @realloudlyndsey

Rylynn Haney

[email protected]

Kelvin Heppner

[email protected]
X: @KelvinHeppner

Peter Johnson

[email protected]
X: @WheatPete

Jason Stroeve

[email protected]
X: @RealAgVideoGuy

Bern Tobin

[email protected]
X: @AgBern


Please copy [email protected] for all sales inquiries to ensure the quickest response.

Christianna Bach

Executive Assistant & Sales Coordinator
[email protected]
587-787-1795 ex. 212

Teresa Craig

Sales Administrator & Inside Sales
[email protected]


Lee Robertson

Lead Developer
[email protected]
X: @lgr