John Deere introduces new T6 800 walker combine

The parade of new John Deere combines continues this month as the equipment manufacturer has shared plans to roll out a T6 800 walker combine.

This announcement follows Deere’s introduction of the S7 Series of combines at Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas in March where the S7 Series family rollout included four models — the S7 600, S7 700, S7 800 and S7 900 — ranging from 330 to 543 horsepower.

The new T6 800 walker combine includes many features from the X9 and S7 Series combines with the company’s latest integrated precision ag technology; a larger, quieter cab, increased unloading rate, and improved efficiency.

Bergen Nelson, Deere’s go-to-market manager for harvesters, says “the T6 800 combine provides farmers a significant step forward in harvesting technology.” Higher perfomance starts at the feeder house, which is engineered to the same width as the rest of the crop channel to eliminate flow restrictions throughout the combine. The combine also touts a 23 per cent larger grain tank, a faster unloading rate (a 20 per cent increase) and overall efficiency gains.

Operators can also benefit from the adjustable spout, enabling more control over unloading into grain carts and trailers. The unloading speed at peak performance reaches up to 150L/sec, allowing for fast unloading of 10 tons of grain in just 90 seconds.

The new T6 800 combine is fitted with a host of John Deere Precision Ag technology, including the StarFire 7500 integrated receiver, the G5Plus CommandCenter display and JDLink modem. The G5Plus CommandCenter provides operators with a large high-definition 12.8” display, featuring intuitive menu functionalities, offering control and visibility during harvesting. Operators also have the option to equip the combine with the G5Plus extended monitor, allowing them to control more functions simultaneously.

There’s plenty of automation features to assist operators. Ground speed automation continuously evaluates inputs and helps maintain a consistent feed rate by automatically adjusting the combine’s ground speed based on operator inputs and operator-defined limits on variables such as grain loss, engine power and rotor pressure.

“The technology added to this combine gives the farmer the power to execute, monitor and analyze every stage of their harvesting operation,” Nelson says. “In addition, the technology solutions pave the way for the new automation features and functionality.”

There’s also terrain settings automation, which provides stable cleaning shoe performance in varying terrain by automatically adjusting cleaning fan speed, and chaffer and sieve openings based on combine fore/aft pitch. This helps reduce losses and increases machine performance in hilly terrain when driving up and downhill, and also reduces operator stress.

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