Wheat Pete’s Word, May 15: The corn swap-out question, road safety and stripe rust rumblings

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As promised, Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson is answering the very difficult question of when to swap out corn hybrids on this episode of Wheat Pete’s Word.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate for eastern Ontario growers especially, farmers may have to move to shorter season hybrids as early as next week. But don’t worry, this week’s Word isn’t ALL about corn. There’s talk of road safety, killing cover crops, dealing with barley yellow dwarf virus and much more!

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  • A big win for agriculture! Gene-editing cleared for use
  • Think twice, act once
  • Road safety — mud and dust
  • Is it late? For corn, yes, we are. It is time to start switching as of next week
  • Paul Hermans and Lyndsey Smith tackle the swap out question in-depth here
  • End of the month, it might be time to swap to soybeans
  • Stay calm and drive on
  • Planting into good conditions matters more than a few days late in middle of May
  • There are test weight considerations once we are into June
  • Corn and wheat both adjust maturity
  • 110 to 120 GDD per growth stage right now for wheat in the south
  • We want a longer grain fill
  • Wheat is looking sunburnt! It’s not septoria, but scout to make sure
  • Septoria goes bottom to top leaves, physiological fleck is top down
  • Barley yellow dwarf virus is showing up on early planted wheat
  • Aphids move it
  • Mildew in the wheat crop, even in sprayed fields? Make sure you check the label
  • Fungicides are pretty effective but variety difference helps
  • First questions on T3 timing
  • Watch for rusts! Do you know the susceptibility of what you’re growing?
  • Cereal leaf beetle is out there. We only have malathion for control and that’s not the preferred product. Keep scouting
  • Micronutrient removals?
  • Volunteer canola problems. Ugh.
  • Cover crop trouble? Ryegrass help here
  • Think about termination before you plant (especially something hardy)

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