Ag Policy Connection Ep. 7 — Whiskey’s for drinking, water is…a strategic asset

Canada is in the extremely fortunate position of having an abundance of one of the world’s most critical resources — one that is often taken for granted, until there’s not enough, or too much.

Whether talking about multi-year droughts, algal blooms on Lake Erie, or economic potential through irrigation, there are massive opportunities and challenges on the horizon when it comes to water and how it’s managed, as discussed by our guests on this new episode of the Ag Policy Connection podcast, presented by the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI).

Our panelists for this inaugural episode for season two of the Ag Policy Connection:

  • Nicolas Mesly, Montreal-based journalist who covers agricultural issues and is the author of multiple CAPI reports on how water is managed across Canada; and
  • Shawn Jaques, president and CEO of the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.

Why should we think about water policy in agriculture? What are the barriers preventing us from being even better stewards of our water supplies? What are the risks if farming and food production are not included in important policy discussions around water? And should water be treated as a strategic asset? These are a few of the questions and topics we explore, as we dive in and go below the surface on agriculture’s relationship with water.

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