Wheat Pete’s Word, Apr 10: Overwintering wins, early harvest planning, PGR timing, and rust warnings

Whitlowgrass growing in early April 2024

Once the snow is gone, it’s time to assess how the fall-seeded crops have fared. For much of Ontario, they not only did well, they’re already growing like weeds! For some areas of the province, the winter wheat crop is as much as five days ahead of the 10-year average.

That’s where we start with this week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, and host Peter Johnson also has answers for questions on weed identification, herbicide timing, PGR timing, and planning your summer holidays.

Have a question you’d like Wheat Pete to address or some field results to send in? Agree/disagree with something he’s said? Leave him a message at 1-888-746-3311, send him a tweet (@wheatpete), or email him at [email protected].


  • Winter wheat, winter canola and rye! Spring has sprung
  • It’s go time for southwestern Ontario — alfalfa going in, manure on
  • Winter wheat does not like wet feet
  • Make sure the soil is fit before you go (and if it’s fit, give ‘er …sh…)
  • The solar eclipse was awe-inspiring, truly awesome
  • Eastern Ontario has some great looking wheat, but geese has got some of it
  • Winter kill hasn’t got to it, it seems
  • Winter canola that went in late is still looking good. Even the bad spots aren’t too bad
  • August and September planting of winter canola. Is September too late? Depend how far north you are
  • This could be Ontario’s fourth crop in rotation
  • You need to order seed by mid-June. Call early!
  • April 8, winter wheat going reproductive? Oh boy
  • Managing wheat better — we’ve made leaps and bounds
  • Just because the head is present in early April, doesn’t mean harvest will be substantially earlier
  • Eastern Ontario is about 100 GDD ahead of 2023, 150 ahead of the 10 year average!
  • 10-12 GDD per day this time of year
  • What about PGR timing? Growth stage 30, 31 or 32
  • Do you need a PGR?
  • Is it too cold for herbicide? Probably not!
  • Whitlowgrass — what the heck? Some years just favour some weird weeds
  • Nitrogen losses. Saving N! check out The Agronomists here
  • There won’t be a perfect day to do it, but try and time it right to minimize loss
  • High demand for N is at Growth stage 31 and onward. So the N needs to be there
  • go by growth stage, not the calendar
  • Watch for stripe rust
  • Dead wheat, pH and sand knolls ….wireworm issue?

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