Electric Weaverline carts deliver simple feeding efficiency

Frank Weaver

Weaverline says it has electric battery-powered feed carts down to a science. That’s a big statement, but Frank Weaver says his family-owned company has the experience to back up the claim.

The Narvon, Pennsylvania-based operation has been building electrified feed carts since 1965. At the Canadian Dairy XPO in Stratford, Ont., Weaver showcased his Series 5 fast-feeding silage cart which features a hydrostatic drive and a stainless steel conveyor system. “It works very well,” he says. “It’s quiet, there’s no fumes, it’s easy to operate, one switch turns it on and it runs — life is simple.”

The cart comes in four sizes ranging from 21, 25, 31 and 37-bushel capacity. Weaver notes that the 31-bushel cart will hold about 1,000 pounds of corn silage and takes about one minute to unload.

In this report, Weaver notes that the cart is highly maneuverable and “stops on a dime,” allowing it to get around any barn. He adds that the cart is a good fit for dairy tie-stall operations as well as sheep and goat farms. The Series 5 machines can also play an important role in managing dairy calves and heifers. “If you’ve got a calf barn off to the side or a sick pen off to the side or a dry cow… it’s a very easy way to get feed over to it.” Watch the video report below.

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