Väderstad’s Proceed V seeder to debut in 2025

Vaderstad’s Bernt Martensson

Canadian farmers who run Väderstad planters will see something familiar when they look closely at the company’s new Proceed V seed drill.

The tillage and seeding company has been working on the Proceed V for several years and when it starts production in 2025 it will feature the Gilstring seed meter — it’s currently used on Väderstad’s Tempo planters, which have found a home on many Canadian farms.

The Proceed V was showcased at Agritechnica, at Hanover, Germany, and in this video report, RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin speaks with Väderstad’s Bernt Martensson to learn about the seeder and why it’s been winning innovation awards accros Europe since it first started appearing in 2021.

Martensson says the Proceed V represents a new category of seeders, where one single machine can increase yield potential in a full variety of crops, including wheat, barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet, peas, maize, sunflower and more.

With capability to place the smallest of seed at the perfect depth with millimetre precision, the company says field trials have shown that the seeder can cut wheat seed rate by half – while keeping the same yield compared to modern seed drills on the market.

The company also notes trials have shown that Proceed V plants come up stronger due to less competition with other plants, and with more exposure to both sun and moisture, plants grow evenly in all growth stages of the crop year.

Martensson explains that the heart of the Proceed V is its high-precision row units. When the seeds reach the row units from the central hopper, an adapted version of Väderstad’s PowerShoot system takes full control of each single seed all the way down to the soil. Leaving the short seed tube, each seed is received by a stop wheel. This ensures optimal seed-to-soil contact at selected depth all over the working width of the seeder.

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