Steyr hybrid CVT prototype puts 260 horsepower into the ground

CNH Industrial’s Marco Otten

There’s no timetable for its arrival, but when it does hit farm fields Steyr expects its hybrid CVT to pack a powerful punch.

In this report from Agritechnica, RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin and CNH Industrial business manager Marco Otten discuss how Steyr plans to place significant power, speed and manoeuvrability at the tractor operator’s command.

In this first public look at a Steyr prototype, Otten explains that what makes the tractor a ‘hybrid’ is a combination of a regular 180 horsepower CVT drive, a 260 horsepower engine and an integrated generator for electrification. There’s also a newly designed front axle with independent suspension that has an integrated electric motor.

“The rear of the tractor has more or less stayed the same,” says Otten. “The real new thing is on the front where we have the front axle integrated. And the advantage of that is with electrification you have instant power, instant torque, available at low rpm, and now the two units — front and rear axle — are really working together and we can put 260 horsepower into the ground.”

Otten also discusses the tractors’s E-CVT function, which means the tractor is powered electrically at up to 75kW and a low 1,100 rpm. It also maintains ground speed via electric drive, with no mechanical connection with the engine.

There’s also E-Shuttling which results in 41 per cent faster maneuvering at low engine speeds and a 15 per cent reduction in fuel use. Watch the full report below.

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