GSI’s GrainVue takes guesswork out of managing grain

GSI director of technology sales Greg Trame

What’s going on in your grain bin? That’s the question GSI intends to answer with its new GrainVue system — technology it says will take the guesswork out of managing grain.

From inside the grain bin, the technology provides up-to-date moisture and temperature data, as well as inventory levels. It also gathers and analyzes site weather conditions to automate fan operation to dry, cool, rehydrate or warm grain, ensuring safe storage, explains GSI director of technology sales Greg Trame.

“We basically have the ability to measure grain temperature, grain moisture, as well as CO2 levels,” says Trame. He notes that the ability to measure CO2 levels is a key factor because it’s the earliest way to detect grain spoilage. “When we put that all together, we really get a great picture of what’s going on inside of a grain bin to help farmers manage for maximum profitability when they go to market that crop.”

In this interview from Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas, Trame notes that GrainVue issues alerts when potential signs of spoilage are detected. It’s also a cloud-based system through Amazon Web Services, making it reliable and secure as well as easy to install and built for future growth, he adds. Watch the full report below.

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