Upgrades to the farm yard and bin set up can save labour

The AGI Westfield MKX 2 1394 with X-Tend (shown here) and AGI X2 series deliver faster, more efficient grain flow with significantly less horsepower needed to handle the same amount of grain.

The phrase work smarter, not harder is perhaps best applied when you’ve got no other choice — a one-person or two-person farm has no choice but to get creative when it comes to handling grain, the logistics of seeding and harvest, and more.

But it’s not just farms with only a few people that benefit from a well-planned-out grain handling system.

AGI is just one company that is working with farmers to plan bin yards and handling systems that require fewer people hours, because, let’s face it, finding enough people at seeding and harvest is only going to get more challenging over time.

RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney sat down with Ron Kleuskens, technical sales representative with AGI, live from the tradeshow floor during Crop Production week at Saskatoon, to talk numbers on deciding where to invest and how to account for saving people-hours. (Check out the interview below.)

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