John Deere unveils 830 horsepower 9RX tractors, S7 combines, and C-series air carts


John Deere has unveiled a lineup of new machines and technology at Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas, this week, including the anticipated 830 horsepower 9RX series tractors, as well as S7 Series combines and C-Series air carts.

“This is one of the largest product launches in our company’s history, and it reflects John Deere’s commitment to seeking input from our customers and delivering quality solutions that unlock new value for their operations,” said Aaron Wetzel, Deere’s Vice President of Production & Precision Agriculture Production Systems.

RealAgriculture’s Bern Tobin and Shaun Haney are in Houston, so stay tuned for their more in-depth reports on everything new at the show.

Highlights from Deere’s announcement:

  • 9RX series tractors
    • available in three new high-horsepower four-track models: the 9RX 710, the 9RX 770 and the 9RX 830.
    • powered by the JD18 engine — a Final Tier 4/Stage V-compliant 18-liter engine that meets emissions requirements using exhaust-gas recirculation technology, eliminating the need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).
    • come with an optional 168gpm hydraulic system and up to 84 thousand pounds of ballast.
    • MY25 high-horsepower 9RX models will be available for order starting mid-March. (Additional model-year updates also available for 7 and 8 Series tractors.)
  • S7 Series combines
    • new models include:
      • S7 600: 333hp/249kw rated power; 367hp/274kw max power
      • S7 700: 402hp/300kw rated power; 460hp/343kw max power
      • S7 800: 473hp/353kw rated power; 540hp/402kw max power
      • S7 900: 543hp/405kw rated power; 617hp/460kw max power
    • (supplied)

      S7 combines will be powered by the JD14 13.6L engine, or the JD9 9L engine, both in Final Tier 4 configuration and designed to produce higher power at lower RPMs.

    • will feature the Premium PowerCast tailboard to more consistently size and spread fine- or extra-fine cut residue up to 45 feet.
    • optional automation features based on ground speed, harvest settings, and predictive ground speed (based on crop height and biomass measurements from satellite imagery and real-time measurements made by cab-mounted cameras.)
    • a new cross-auger shutoff feature completely empties the unloading system, reducing weight in the unloading auger and reducing wear on the associated belts.
  • C-Series air carts
    • corrosion-resistant AccuRate stainless steel, electronically controlled meters.
    • quicker calibration with EZCal calibration system.


    • the new C-Series model numbers, capacities, configurations and tank splits include:
      • C350L/C350T: 350 bushels (160/190 bu), leading and trailing
      • C400L/C400T: 400 bushels (160/50/190 bu), leading and trailing
      • C500L/C500T: 500 bushels (190/90/220 bu), leading and trailing
      • C550L/C550T: 550 bushels (190/90/50/220 bu), leading and trailing
      • C650L/C650T: 650 bushels (50/260/130/210 bu), leading and trailing
      • C850T: 850 bushels (50/260/130/410 bu), trailing only
  • Hagie sprayers
    • See & Spray Premium weed sensing technology will be available on model-year 2025 Hagie STS sprayers.
  • Autonomy-ready options
    • wheeled and four-track MY25 8 Series and 9 Series tractors will have an autonomous-ready option that will include rear implement ethernet, new visibility features, a back-up alarm, a 330-amp alternator, a brake controller and valve, and necessary connectors, controllers and harnesses.

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