What’s stalling the U.S. Farm Bill and how long it might take to sort out

Dr. Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M (RealAgriculture, 2023)

The U.S. Farm Bill is a huge, overarching piece of legislation that encompasses crop insurance, disaster programming, and so much more. Similar to Canada, hammering out the full details of each bill is a drawn-out process, complicated by partisan politics, competing priorities, and finding common ground.

To dig in to several parts of the bill and the points of contention, Shaun Haney sits down with Dr. Joe Outlaw, of Texas A&M. In this video podcast, they unpack:

  • Why the Farm Bill is delayed
  • Funding for the bill
  • How the November election and primaries impact the pace of progress on the bill
  • Farm Bill options, including crop insurance and traditional programs
  • What Congress suggests, re: updating safety net programs for farmers, while Senate takes a two-pronged approach with crop insurance and traditional farm programs
  • One proposal could lead to lower crop insurance prices, but farmers may not see the full benefit if prices drop too low
  • More on the use of Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) for disaster assistance
  • How the CCC has been used for ad hoc disaster assistance and repurposed by both Trump and Biden administrations.

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