Simplicity drives long-term success of MacDon’s FlexDraper

MacDon product support specialist Myles Shastko

Keeping it simple has been a key to 35 years of market leadership for MacDon’s FlexDraper headers.

In this report from Agritechnica, MacDon product support specialist Myles Shastko tells RealAg’s Shaun Haney that while some competitors have tried to “reinvent the wheel”, the Manitoba-based company has opted to focus on the consistent, dependable performance delivered by its mechanical spring system. “It works consistently all the time. I really think that’s what’s been able to set us apart,” he says.

The ability to set ground pressure allows FlexDraper headers to stay light off the ground or go heavier and follow the ground, says Shastko. He notes that the headers tend to really shine in wet conditions when growers get into flat crops and the FlexDraper is able to get underneath and pick up the crop.

“That has a lot to do with how we can float. We can get under without pushing,” explains Shastko “You get muddy conditions and a lot of the competitors end up pushing because they can’t control that weight. Whereas we do with our springs.”

Haney and Shastko also discuss why the new CR11 combine, unveiled by New Holland at Agritechnica, is sporting a 50-foot MacDon header. Shastko says the company’s FlexDraper is both flexible and versatile and is a good fit for a full range of combines, including the highly anticipated 775-horsepower CR11.

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