High capacity drives Bednar’s Efecta seed drill

Jan Bednar and the Efecta CM 1200 air seder

Large seed capacity and the ability to fold into a three-metre (about 10-foot) travelling width are two key features of the new Efecta CM 1200 air seeder from Bednar.

In this report from Agritechnica, the company’s business director, Jan Bednar, explains how operators can manage seed flows from the two 6,000-litre tanks and monitor seed supply from the in-cab terminal.

Bednar is also excited about the folding capabilities of the 12-metre seeder. “It was an interesting and difficult job for our designers. We did it because in Eastern Europe, we have the big fields and huge farms, but we also have road restrictions. So we tried to design the machine to fold up to three metres which is very important,” he notes. “So we made the design, we tested it and we patented it because it was really good.”

In the video below, Bednar describes how the the Efecta CM 1200 cultivates soil behind the tractor wheels to reduce compaction and increase seed germination in wheel tracks. He also describes how four seed towers are designed to enable section control for the individual sections of the 12-metre machine; and the flexibility of the platform to add different openers to customize no-till drill applications.

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