Farming Forward: The value of a Grazing Mentorship Program

Grant Lastikwa at his ranch (RealAgriculture/Shaun Haney) 2023

It’s a tough lesson in farming and ranching: learning lessons on what doesn’t work can be expensive and time consuming. That’s why knowledge transfer, peer-to-peer sharing, and mentorship can have a huge positive impact on those trying something new.

For Grant Lastiwka, rancher at Innisfail, Alta., the Grazing Mentorship Program supported by Farmers for Climate Change Solutions is an invaluable tool for ranchers working to take advantage of the benefits of advanced grazing practices.

Lastiwka says the program connects producers that care and want to support other farmers and ranchers trying to “get it right” or close to right.

Every year is different, and the lessons of those past seasons can help ranchers get closer to their grazing goals or reach those goals sooner. Things like: plan in pencil but record in pen, or how to manage pastures in a dry season, to the economics of grazing, are all up for discussion in the mentorship program, he says.

Check out this conversation with Lastikwa (and his cows) about the Grazing Mentorship Program: 

Farming Forward is a video series brought to you by Farmers for Climate Solutions’ Farm Resilience Mentorship Program and the Farm Learning Hub. Visit the hub to learn more about events in your area and to access more resources about building soil health.

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