Wiesemeyer and Haney: China trade tensions, drought in the wheat belt, Ukraine funding and America is moving protectionist

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It’s time for another podcast featuring Wisemeyer and Haney covering all the big agricultural topics impacting farmers and ranchers in Canada and the United States!

This week Shaun Haney of RealAgriculture and Jim Wiesemeyer, D.C. policy analyst with Pro Farmer, jump into some issues that really connect and are creating angst in the countryside of rural North America.

Up for discussion:

  • Jim was in Kansas this week and the dry bias continues in the major wheat producing state. Moving north, many in Western Canada are on drought alert in December which has some very concerned about North American crop and wheat production due to low moisture reserves.
  • U.S. farm groups are very concerned about trade with China based on House Select Panel’s recommendations.
  • Country of origin beef labelling is again rattling around the political echo chambers, but also more importantly in the countryside, too. Whether it’s the very critical Montana Senate race or push from some farm groups, Canadian stakeholders face new and old debates related to this topic.
  • Canadians should be very aware and concerned about both the Democrats and Republicans moving more protectionist relative to trade.  This will come to a head no matter who the president is in 2026 when the USMCA/CUSMA is re-opened for tweaking.
  • Funding for Ukraine is facing challenges in both Canada and the U.S.. In the U.S., Shaun believes that funding the southern border is an easy tradeoff to fund Ukraine but it’s clear the Democrats do not see it that way.

Watch Shaun Haney and Jim Wisemeyer cover all of the above and more.  If you have any feedback email Shaun at [email protected] or call the RealAg feedback line a 855.776.6147.

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