DJI Agriculture drone increases capacity and sprays or spreads

DJI Agriculture’s Toby Knisely

DJI is getting ready to take flight with its largest agriculture drone ever for international markets.

The Agras T50 has been flying in China and is set to land in North America in the near future, says DJI Agriculture’s Toby Knisely. The high payload capacity drone is capable of carrying 40 litres of liquid or 50 kgs of dry granular, making it either a spray drone or a spreading drone, depending on how a grower chooses to deploy it.

In this report from Agritechnica 23, Knisely tells RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney the drone can fly around 12 to 15 minutes before its battery is depleted. He notes that’s plenty of time for the drone to fly and apply its liquid or granular payload.

“What our customers are doing is they’re refilling the tank, and at the same time, they’ll swap in a fresh battery and put the old battery into the charger,” explains Knisely. “And then by the time the drone is back again, from its most recent flight, it’s ready to swap in the next battery.”

In the video Knisely also shares thoughts on how the flexibility of drones can keep growers spraying and spreading when weather conditions force them to park ground rigs.

Drones will also play a key role in delivering the promise of precision agriculture, says Knisely. “You can create prescription maps, and then send that map to the drone and then the drone will only apply chemical or operate over the crops that need the care.”

Knisely notes that when it comes to flying newer drones, farmers don’t need to be expert pilots. Drones can be programmed with parameters to fly a field, apply product based on a prescription map, take off automatically and return when the mission is complete. Automatic flying is also more precise when it comes to application, he adds. (Check out the interview below.)

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