Amazone ZG-TX trailed combi-spreader handles both lime and fertilizer

Amazone’s Jeff Schott

One spreader for both lime and granular fertilizer — that’s what Amazone has delivered with its new trailed ZG-TX combi-spreader.

In this report from Agritechnica 23 at Hanover, Germany, Amazone’s Jeff Schott shares how the ZG-TX can apply both granular mineral fertilizers and earth-moist limes precisely through the one machine.

“Both operations can be achieved with a simple conversion between the TS spreading system and the newly-developed spreading unit for lime,” says Schott. “It takes about a half hour to change out the spreading units on the back, and then you can swap to do either the lime or any bulk type of fertilizer and precision [application].”

In the video, Schott and host Shaun Haney take a close look at the ZG-TX 11200 Super, which carries up to 11,200 litres or about a 11 ton capacity. Smaller models — 6,000 and 7,000 litres — are also available.

The ZG-TX combi-spreader is ISOBUS supported and will work with any ISOBUS approved terminal. “We have a mySpreader app that we use that shows our settings for your fertilizer. It’ll be the exact same thing for this so very familiar to the customer that already owns a spreader.”

Schott and Haney also discuss the evolution of Amazone and the company’s products. (Story continues after the video.)

“Spreaders come to the forefront of your mind when you think of Amazone because we’ve been developing them since 1919.” says  Schott. “So a very long history and we have put a lot of research into our spreaders. Today, they’re one of the highest technology offerings on a broadcast spinner spreader.”

Schott also comments on the company’s success with precision broadcasting of fertilizer. “There’s very few competitors in the same space. Traditionally, you just dump fertilizer onto your spinners, and they broadcast it,” he notes. “Being able to control it with minute adjustments and being able to control it across a wide range of rates and speeds is very unique to Amazone. And we’re able to do it well.”

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