AGI offers one-stop shop for feed mill systems

AGI’s Noam Silberstein

Ag Growth International (AGI) is well known for its grain storage and conveyance services and technology, but a big part of the company’s business in North American and around the globe focuses on its feed platform.

At Agritechnica 23, RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney caught up with Noam Silberstein, AGI’s senior vice president for global feed, to discuss how the company delivers feeding systems for farms and commercial operations.

If a commercial company, a large feed yard or hog operation, for example, is looking to put in a new feed mill system, they can basically look to AGI as a one-stop shop, says Silberstein.

That’s a unique offering for AGI — storage, handling and processing all in one place. “It’s something we don’t see out there very often,” notes Silberstein.

“On the farm side, we’ve got a Flexmill solution that’s all AGI, including storage and handling on the front end; for the processing piece — we do our own hammer mills, manufacturer, mixers, micro-dosing, all of that,” explains Silberstein. “On the commercial side, we’ll partner with some third-party specialized feed milling equipment. And we’ll also offer the full complete solution to our customers.”

Haney and Silberstein also discuss AGI’s growing global footprint. The company currently has 30 manufacturing facilities around the world set up as regional hubs to serve markets in North America, Brazil, Italy, France and in India, to address the Indian Asia Pacific market. “We can sell products within each of those regions, manufactured in that region, and delivered in that region, which is a huge advantage for us,” he adds. (See the video below.)

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