‘Tis the season — for deer hunting

(Paige Holmquist/RealAgriculture)

If you are like me, you are positively elated that we’ve rounded the corner from spooky season (it is not my fave). For me, these next few weeks are focused on preparing for winter and honouring the fallen on November 11, before thoughts turn to the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

Editor’s note: Shaun Haney will argue I am skipping over the second celebration of the best holiday  — American Thanksgiving. I acknowledge that here. 

Around our farm, we’re busy moving sheep on to fall grazing and trying to find time to put away all the stuff that needs tucked away before winter begins in earnest. It’s also a time where I have lost count of the number of ATVs and reflective vests I’ve seen zooming around, readying for what many look forward to every year: deer hunting season.

With all the talk of when it’s appropriate to start decorating for Christmas, and which holiday is truly best (it IS Thanksgiving), I thought I’d ask — which non-farming season is do you anticipate most?

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