Mind Your Farm Business — Ep. 91: Being a relatable, responsible, reliable leader

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What does it mean to be a great leader? For Dan Quiggle, true leadership is serving others to help them succeed, relating to staff and colleagues as real people, and taking responsibility for being focused and present in a given moment.

Quiggle, founder of The Quiggle Group, is a dynamic and inspiring leader, and someone who has done the hard work of recognizing that if you’re going to be a better leader the person you need to work on most is yourself.

Leadership comes from being responsible and making tough decisions, yes, but it’s also about cultivating a trusted group of people to use as a sounding board, even if they tell you things you don’t want to hear, he says. This idea of a “Kitchen Cabinet,” is something he learned from President Ronald Reagan, someone he admired for the kind of person he was in private as well as in public. Quiggle says that too often, leaders can fall victim to “CEO disease” where they tell themselves, “Everyone loves me!” instead of seeking out constructive, honest feedback.

Quiggle says that it’s also important to be respectful to the person you are with, whether that is your spouse and kids or your employees and staff. Learning to be present and focused on the person and conversation in front of you shows them the respect they deserve and helps you to keep clear sight on what’s important.

For this episode of Mind Your Farm Business, Quiggle and host Shaun Haney dig in to what true leadership looks like and decisions you can make today to further your leadership skills.

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