The Corteva Seed Treatment podcast, Ep 3: Look to LumiGEN seed treatments for seed protection assurance

Root maggots in a canola plot in Lacombe, Alberta.

Welcome to the Corteva Seed Treatment podcast, brought to you by Corteva Agriscience.

In this episode, host Shaun Haney is joined by Chad Garrod, Portfolio Marketing Manager, Eastern Canada Seeds with Corteva, to talk about LumiGEN® seed treatments, a game-changing seed treatment product for corn and beans.

“LumiGEN is really a mark of assurance,” Garrod says. “You’ve done the work as a farmer to pick the best seed for each field. Seeing that LumiGEN logo on the bag means you’ve got the confidence that it’s protected with the best treatment on the market.”

The product offers flexibility and customization. For soybeans, it presents a range of options, including advanced insect protection with Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment, advanced phytophthora protection with Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment, and other choices for inoculant nematicides, tailored to individual farmers’ needs. As for corn, LumiGEN seed treatments provide nematode control through Lumialza™ nematicide seed treatment, which forms a biological barrier to protect roots from nematode attacks.

“We want to protect the genetics as much as possible because as a farmer, that’s your job — to protect what’s in the bag.”

Learn more about LumiGEN seed treatments at

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