Wheat Pete’s Word, Sept 6: Revenge tillage, #plant24, weed seeds, and winter canola

Are you ready for an agronomy Q&A?

On this week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson is ready with some timing questions on #plant24, comparing this year’s weather to 1993 (why, though?), answers several questions on cover crop management, taking out a hay stand, and starting off winter wheat.

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  • Late winter canola? Get the crop in when you can, and early is best. Even August!
  • There’s a waiting list for seed!
  • Winter canola carries risk. White mould (called sclerotinia) and can lose seed near harvest in summer storms. Plus, winter kill
  • All fall seeded crops could feel like they are getting “late”
  • Big drills finish big acres in no time
  • Next week check out the Ontario Soil and Crop breakfasts at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show
  • Check out Talking Tile — a new video series
  • Need to understand tile
  • Take your Wheat Pete’s 15 and reach out to someone today
  • Whack a doodle weather. SO hot in Ontario this week
  • What about 1992? Silage in November…not even remotely close
  • 160 CHU behind average
  • In ’92 only about 21 days behind
  • September and October are set to be warmer than average, no risk of frost in September, it looks like
  • 17 inches of rain in July has made pulling cranberry beans now a pain in the….rear
  • Agronomy answers: broadcasting wheat into soybeans but avoiding treated seed is part art part science
  • Manage the risk!
  • Spinner spreader spread sure does change on the hills
  • What about fertilizer? Think on that
  • Weed seed return on today’s radio show (Check out RealAgriculture.com/radio)
  • Revenge tillage is like revenge spraying
  • Seven, 10, 100 years of seeds!
  • What about fungicide on covers?
  • Manure should go on prior
  • Use fertilizer once the crop is going, not manure
  • Protected N plus a reducing the rate can spell a shorted crop on N
  • Old hay stand, mostly alfalfa, going to wheat — do I worry about slugs? What about the N credit. Demand is so much earlier on wheat, so only maybe 30 lb credit
  • Don’t let the green bridge happen!
  • Take-all is a risk if there’s grass growing when you put in the wheat. Use treated seed


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