The Corteva Seed Treatment podcast, Ep 1: How Lumiderm protects canola from cutworm and flea beetles

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Welcome to the first of three episodes of the Corteva Seed Treatment podcast, brought to you by Corteva!

For this episode of the podcast, host Shaun Haney is joined by Kirsten Ratzlaff, Portfolio Marketing Manager, Seed Applied Technology & Biologicals for Corteva, to talk about Lumiderm seed treatment for canola.

“When we look at all the available treatments on the market, Lumiderm is truly going to provide the broadest level of protection available. It provides excellent protection from both flea beetles as well as cutworms, for about 35 days, providing the most complete pest protection to those very vulnerable canola seedlings,” she says.

That early protection help create the most vigorous canola stand, a feat that pays dividends at harvest (more below).

Cutworms are one of the most significant pests when it comes to canola seedlings, Ratzlaff explains, and there are some increasing populations in many areas across Western Canada. This pest is particularly unpredictable, and they can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. Because they feed at night, they’re also hard to detect or scout for.

When scouting, Ratzlaff says you’ll tend to see wilting plants or plants that are falling over, or even ones that have been cut off entirely. Bare patches in a field are often attributed to other factors, but it is quite often cutworms that are creating that that a level of damage.

An effective seed treatment, such as Lumiderm, is the best way to protect against cutworms because the pest is typically underground and feeding at or below ground, so it’s really hard to protect canola using a foliar insecticide. “Lumiderm is going to provide really excellent protection of cutworms for those 35 days, against all types of cutworms that may be present in this field,” she says.

Lumiderm is a Group 28 insecticide with a unique mode of action that works primarily through ingestion. Flea beetles or cutworms will feed a little on the crop and then the active ingredient impacts the pests ability to move and feed. “It is actually quite a selective chemistry… so not only does it provide very high level of protection against cutworm and flea beetles, it is also one that is much kinder to some of those very important beneficial insects in the field,” she adds.

Lumiderm makes for not only a stronger and healthier start for canola, but a more even plant stand throughout the season, and that is really what’s going to result in a stronger harvest at the end of the year, Ratzlaff says.

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