The Agronomists, Ep 124: Fall weed control with Patty Soloducha and Rob Miller

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Weed control for the following season really starts in the fall, and, at times, even before harvest starts. Targeting certain weeds in the fall can mean achieving excellent control for the year ahead.

To tackle fall weed tips, host Lyndsey Smith is joined by Patty Soloducha of ADAMA Canada, and Rob Miller with BASF on this week’s episode of The Agronomists.

This episode of The Agronomists is brought to you by ADAMA Canada, Corteva Enlist E3, and the Canola School!


  • 80-85 per cent have great intentions for spring weed control, but as we all know — Mother Nature sometimes has other plans
  • Anything we get done in the fall is a great start to the spring
  • The pre-harvest pass is always based on the stage of the crop (Keep it clean!)
  • Without that killing frost, it gives growers time to go after the perennial weeds
  • Clean up those problem areas — low spots, sloughs, drainage ditches, field edges
  • Some of these weed species can have multiple life cycles as well. Annuals…winter annuals…
  • Does a “killing frost” change from west to east?
  • A killing frost also depends on how long the temperature is at the low temperature

CLIP 1: Soybean School: Taking advantage of fall weed control

  • The stage of the perennial weed is important as well. There has to be enough regrowth after harvest to take in the herbicide
  • Consider regrowth
  • Some years across the country we can see a really wide-open fall, but some years, winter comes early
  • We always want to have a bit of green material there to take up the herbicide
  • Don’t park the sprayer just yet! The toughest part of fall weed control is finding the time.
  • We saw a lot more dandelions in Ontario this spring, which was likely due to people cutting down on glyphosate rates due to prices in the fall. Using the proper rates is important
  • What to do with 5ft kochia? Mow it? Robot pickers? Have a good ol’ fashioned conversation with it?
  • Don’t let these resistant annual weeds go to seed if you can manage it
  • Bring an umbrella to the field, use it to collect weed seeds. What are we talking about? You’ll have to tune in for this one.
  • Herbicide layering — there’s so many different times we can be going after weeds
  • Early fall — contact herbicide. Later fall — residual herbicide.
  • If you are using fall tillage for weed control — you have to really be looking at what type of equipment you are using and what weeds you are targeting. Lots of times, you are spreading seeds around and just covering up the plant
  • Timely tillage on those trouble weeds is very important.
  • Read. Those. Labels.

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