All-encompassing controlled traffic machine, the NEXAT, makes debut

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If you are at Farm Progress Show this week, you are likely seeing crowds gathered around a very strange looking machine.

Terrakamp’s Next Generation Agriculture Technology machine, or NEXAT, was developed in Europe, and is now being showcased around the world so farmers can see the machine for themselves in person.

The “all-in-one system tractor” handles all work steps — from cultivation, to seeding, to crop protection, to harvest. The system, which centres on the concept of Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF), has a constant 50-foot operating width, and 12-foot transport width. It is prepared for full autonomization.



Due to the use of CTF, Terrkamp says 95 per cent of the total arable area is never driven on by NEXAT, resulting in maximum yield potential plus soil and environmental protection. The company says that particularly noteworthy is the possibility of sustainable soil improvement through continuous humus (organic matter) build-up, significant CO2 savings, and the sustainable protection of valuable arable land from erosion by wind and water.

Managing director Felix Kalverkamp says minimizing the total number of machines required through the modular concept enables a reduction in acquisition costs, as well as energy savings potentials of 20 to 40 per cent, compared to conventional machines.

“On the yield side, increases of 10 to 20 per cent are possible, which can mean an increase in profitability of 20-50 per cent. In addition, there are significant savings in terms of time and manpower,” he explains.

The NEXAT system will have to prove itself against proven technology that has been tried and tested for years, but NEXAT sees itself well positioned here, as well. “The fact that NEXAT is not just some vision is demonstrated by the fact that system has already been successfully used in crop production under real conditions for three years, and has been put through its paces by selected farmers,” says Kalverkamp.

(Brad Martin/RealAgriculture)


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