The challenge of designing grain storage and handling for any size of farm

The AGI Westfield MKX 2 1394 with X-Tend (shown here) and AGI X2 series deliver faster, more efficient grain flow with significantly less horsepower needed to handle the same amount of grain.

There are all shapes and sizes of farms, and with that, comes many different ways that people set up infrastructure, grain handling, and how they make best use of equipment.

It’s not a one size fits all sort of deal, as someone who has 30,000 acres is going to be looking for something very different than their neighbour who has 300 acres.

As a product manufacturer, this can provide many different challenges when it comes to deciding what to add next to a product line.

Paul Brisebois, senior vice president of sales and operation for Canada with AGI, and David Postill, senior vice president of marketing and customer experience with AGI, joined RealAg Radio Host Shaun Haney to discuss these challenges manufacturers are faced with — both positive and negative.

“It’s good, because we try to be absolutely true to what the market needs, whether it’s here, the Midwest, you name it,” says Postill. “We say ‘okay, let’s be efficient, let’s not try to sell every product out there’ — let’s do what we’re good at. It’s a good push and pull.”

Where AGI fits into this market, says Brisebois, is with sizing capabilities and how the AGI line up has bins, augers, and equipment to fit into quite a few different operations.

“We go right from a 10-inch auger, all the way up to a permanent handling system that a lot of farmers dream about on their farm, no different than having a dream house. They are like, I want this dream handling system on my farm because that’s the pinnacle of efficiencies, right? I don’t have to be moving my auger around everywhere. But that’s difficult to get to.”

Check out the full conversation between the trio, recorded at Ag In Motion, at Langham, Saskatchewan:

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