InVigor launches new seed treatment stack for 2024

Early season pest pressure can be a huge drag on canola seedling survivability and producers’ pocket books. A seed treatment can be a useful tool in protecting tiny plants, and BASF is launching new treatment treatment stack options in the 2024 Invigor line up.

Farmers growing InVigor hybrid canola likely noticed the shift in ’23 to Helix Vibrance as the base treatment option, says Blaine Woycheshin, marketing manager for InVigor. Now, for 2024, growers will have the option of a triple-treatment option with Helix Vibrance, plus Buteo and either Lumiposa or Lumiderm.

Lumiderm is the high rate insecticide treatment, Woycheshin explains, for protection against flea beetles and cutworm. Lumiposa is the low rate treatment and registered for cutworm only.

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Available on L340PC and L356PC, farmers should be aware that early ordering will be a must for accessing these treatment stacks for 2024 seeding.

Woycheshin says that’s because they’ll be “building” the orders to suit — so be prepared to make decisions on seed treatment this fall.

Listen to the full interview below, including the fit for each treatment decision and a discussion on future canola challenges and solutions:

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