Digging in to the Russian offensive and its impact on the grain market, with Jacob Shapiro

There are some topics that can be covered in a snippet — perhaps a three or four minute recap or update on the latest happenings. The current status of Russian’s war on Ukraine and the cascading impacts on everything from grain markets to geopolitical leader wrangling is not one of those topics.

In this lengthy-but-very-worth-the-listen podcast, RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney teams up with Jacob Shapiro, partner and director of geopolitical analysis at Cognitive Investments, to discuss that very topic.

The duo promise to meet back once a month for a chinwag, and will cross-post these discussions here, on RealAgriculture, and through Shapiro’s own social streams, including his podcast, Cognitive Dissidents.

And so, without further ado, hit play on this engaging, serious, smart, and witty conversation or download the audio to listen off line or while you’ve got some windshield time.

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