Canola School: Assessing fertilizer burn in the seed row

When it comes to seed-placed fertilizer, canola can be quite sensitive.

According to Shawn Senko of the Canola Council of Canada (CCC), for the most part the only nutrient you need in-furrow with the canola seed is phosphorus, as it has an early season uptake and doesn’t move very far.

There are published seed safety charts, but as Senko notes, they go off of average moisture conditions. Some years can swing far off of the average, especially in a drought, causing some difficulties in assessing the risk.

“Every year I’ve got calls on poor canola emergence, and it’s often due to seed placed fertilizer,” says Senko. “In the past, the grower has put down the exact same blend and hasn’t had an issue, but environmental conditions have changed. And now suddenly, he’s dry, and the seed safety just isn’t there.”

If you are in an area that is facing extreme drought, says Senko, you will need to split the application into two, in order to ensure your seed doesn’t get burnt.

“It’s just best to have those low rates with the seed, and have the rest of your phos with the rest of the blend.”

Check out the full Canola School episode, below:

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