Don’t let a weak link in the grain handling chain hobble your harvest

The AGI Westfield MKX 2 1394 with X-Tend (shown here) and AGI X2 series deliver faster, more efficient grain flow with significantly less horsepower needed to handle the same amount of grain.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when that link is part of your grain transport and storage chain at harvest, you’ve got a problem. If just one part of the process is slowing you down, it’s going to slow down your entire operation. To prevent it, look to one of the hardest-working pieces of equipment in the chain: your auger.

The right auger helps your operation. The wrong one slows you down and creates a frustrating bottleneck.

AGI understands your auger’s key role in a successful harvest. That’s why we’ve engineered our next generation of swingaway augers specifically to improve throughput and efficiency. It’s all about moving more grain, faster—without compromising reliability, durability or serviceability.

Here’s how our new augers are delivering on that promise.

For starters, the AGI Westfield MKX² and AGI X² series of A-frames and scissor lifts feature an open-discharge spout. This revolutionary new spout helps deliver a faster, more efficient flow of grain out of the tube to reduce plugging while requiring significantly less horsepower to handle the same amount of grain.

Our new augers are also available with steerable axles (standard on 16” augers, optional on 13”) to improve maneuverability when lining up the auger to the bin hole, saving you valuable time with every load. The 13” augers’ dual clean-out doors provide easy access to the inside of your boot.

Downtime can be a big bottleneck. The AGI Westfield MKX² and AGI X² each offer the convenience of a removable bottom shaft. The speed reducer can be quickly removed from the boot for fast and easy serviceability.

Fast. Efficient. Reliable. Pick any three.

High throughput doesn’t mean much if your equipment breaks down or is difficult to maintain. This is why, above all, AGI augers are engineered to be tough, reliable and easily serviced.

Both the AGI Westfield MKX² and AGI X², offer benefits like a tapered upper bearing to improve longevity and a hanger bearing that supports the boot flight to reduce noise and wear. Plus, all larger-capacity augers (13” and 16” series) come standard with Abrasive Resistant (AR) flighting in the boot.

AGI: the strongest link in your grain transport chain

A lot of things can slow you down at harvest. Your AGI auger won’t be one of them. Take a closer at the AGI Westfield MKX² and AGI X² series of augers and discover how we’ve engineered each piece of equipment to keep your grain—and your entire harvest operation—flowing smoothly.

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