Wheat Pete’s Word, May 3: Fungicide questions, short canola, WAMLEGS, and a second shot of N

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Water, water, water — in this episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, the topic of water comes up several times. From ancient lakes, to wet weather, to the erosive power of water, to mixing order for spray solution, water is a hot topic this week.

Also on this week’s Word, host Peter Johnson says nay to fungicide on wheat right now but there are several prominent agronomists who say yea (leave a check strip to see who was right!), and we get reports on ultra, ultra early wheat seeding in Saskatchewan and the suppressive power of cover crops on weeds.

Have a question you’d like Johnson to address or some yield results to send in? Disagree with something he’s said? Leave him a message at 1-888-746-3311, send him a tweet (@wheatpete), or email him at [email protected].


  • Who cares about the Leafs? Peter does, but Lyndsey doesn’t
  • What? It’s the spraying order in which we add products to the tank
  • Handy dandy document, but check the label (especially with Liberty)
  • Monday nights is all about The Agronomists — great job on talking ATS being a not nice friend in the tank with herbicide. A mixing nightmare!
  • She’s cold in the East, friends
  • Alberta has been steamy…or is that smokey? Ouch
  • Adding up days, know your base
  • Middle of April sped up the growing degrees by 80! It has slowed, but we’re still ahead of the curve
  • Wheat crop is base zero
  • Is it time to go and put more N on? Very possibly, and likely how it should be, if you can drive on the field
  • Winter canola is hitting full bloom in south Lambton but it is short, short, short
  • Temperature matters in stem elongation
  • Lake Erie shoreline wheat — the shoreline is eroding, but from below. Neat Twitter conversation about it
  • Seek to understand, before being understood
  • The Champlain Sea, Lake Champlain and a beluga whale skeleton — it helps explain the soil of parts of Ontario an Quebec
  • October 30th-seeded spring wheat, April 28th it’s germinated and will emerge soon in Saskatchewan
  • Speaking of Twitter discussions, is it fungicide time for leaf disease? Cold night temps keeps disease in check at this point, but it might be now or not at all
  • Do you mix a fungicide in with another pass? Need to protect the top two leaves
  • Leave a check strip to see who was right!
  • On that note, if you’re going to put a spray on alfalfa you need 21 days before cutting
  • N-fixing and biological questions. Check out a great summary here, from NDSU. 61 replicated trials, in 59 there was no statistical difference. Tough one
  • Weed suppression and rye, sure, but what about wheat? Chickweed makes it through, regardless
  • Cover crops are like another mode of action, and likely a more effective one than tillage
  • 2-foot tall rye is NOT great, the root balls, oy
  • Johnson, skinny tires still trample…wait, man, we’re going to go in at T3 again, if you were going in once, phat tires early will do less damage
  • No-till oat crop burn off, can I use 2, 4-D? You can, but MCPA is safer ahead of oats

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