Pests & Predators Podcast, Ep 21: Lurkers in the lentils and friends in the faba beans

The focus is on pea aphids in this episode of the Pest & Predators podcast — and more importantly, what eats them!

We know pea aphids can cause some definite damage in pulse crops — but to what extent? Dr. Tyler Wist, with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Saskatoon, joins host Shaun Haney to discuss the lack of thresholds, where research is headed, control methods, and so much more.

Pea aphids, in this story at least, are not the hero — they are the definite villain. So, how do we take this villain down? Well, beetles and flies are part of the solution, and it’s super important to be able to identify these friends in the field.

Check out the educational and lively discussion in Episode 21 of the Pest & Predators podcast, below:

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