Latest round of CFIA livestock traceability regulations up for comment

Approved CFIA tags and applicator for sheep (RealAgriculture, 2023)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is continuing with its updating of the Health of Animals Regulations regarding livestock transport and traceability.

This latest round of proposed changes builds on the 2020 changes that introduced new feed, water, rest, and transport manifest requirements, among other changes.

There are four main goals of Part XV changes:

  • to bring goats and cervids, such as farmed deer, in to the regulation;
  • shorten the reporting period to 7 days;
  • to make the use of premise IDs in animal movement reporting mandatory; and,
  • to better track domestic movement of livestock.

Some of the changes are subtle, such as the changing of references of approved tags to approved indicators (predicated by the use of approved identifiers other than tags, such as leg bands). Other proposed changes are significant, including a shift to reporting animal movements instead of simply recording movements.

Proposed changes also include the requirement to report move-ins of livestock to a new premise within seven days. The existing regulation only required recording of animal movement in to a new premise. There are proposed exemptions for community pastures, as well as movement within leased pastures of the same farm.

There is also language to make it clear that approved indicators may not be bought and sold by individuals — approved indicators will be linked to the premise ID at purchase and must be used on animals at that site.

The consultation period ends June 16, 2023. You can submit your comments here.


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