Are you concerned that Canada’s government has no timeline to return to balanced budgets?

It wasn’t that long ago that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government announced it would return to balanced budgets once the pandemic spending was over.

Last week’s federal budget is the first real post-pandemic spending plan, and instead of a return to balance, the projected deficit sits at around $40 billion, with no clear indication of a timeline that would suggest moving towards balance.

The economic state of things from late 2020 to now are starkly different, but difficult in much different ways: interest rates then were nearly zero but the world’s supply chains were a mess, and no one knew how long the pandemic would go on.

Now, on the edge of global recession and sky-high inflation, is a balanced budget even possible? Should it be? We want to know what you think. Let us know how concerned you are about Canada’s fiscal future below:

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