Soil Warrior strip tiller works with Quebec’s heavy clays

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

Quebec farmer Mike Verdonck started strip tilling in 2000, and since then, has found Soil Warrior’s strip tiller is the best for their soil conditions.

Verdonck was on hand at Commodity Classic at Orlando, Florida, to talk about his experiences with the implement. He operates in a heavy clay zone in Quebec, which as any heavy clay farmer will tell you — can cause a plethora of issues, especially when it comes to tillage.

Because of the high price tag on the Soil Warrior, Verdonck says they first tried different brands, because they were cheaper. Once they made the jump 12 years later to the Soil Warrior, they got serious about strip tilling.

“That got us into more corn on corn, and better nutrient placement. And what we gained in yield, we also gained in organic matter. Our soils have really changed over the years. Through that we worked a lot with cover crops, and other techniques, to try to build soil health. And that seems to be the perfect tool for any kind of condition.”

Learn more about the Soil Warrior in the video below:

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