Precision Planting offers new bells and whistles without buying the new machine

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

How can you turn a decades-old planter into an up-to-date planter? Talk to Precision Planting.

Bryce Baker of Precision Planting was at Commodity Classic, at Orlando, Florida, earlier this month to discuss how you can upgrade your older equipment, and turn it into something more modern, for about half the price of a new implement.

On the trade show floor for example was a 10-year-old John Deere planter, powered by Precision Planting.

“What’s different on here is there’s been systems added to automate downforce control. High speed planting is on here. We removed the mechanical drive and brought on an electric drive, as well as ground engaging components like a row cleaner, that does a phenomenal job maintaining depth, as well as depth adjustments, automated closing through the Precision Planting product line,” Baker explains.

What’s really neat, says Baker, is when you look at what has all been upgraded, and the end cost. Yes — it obviously costs something, but when you compare it to what a brand new machine would cost, it suddenly looks a whole lot better.

“All of this costs about 50 per cent of the price of the whole new machine. So the concept here is to retrofit the planter that a farmer already has, actually is a money saving endeavour for them, when they want to get the new technology,” he says.

Check out the full conversation between Baker and RealAgriculture’s Kara Oosterhuis, below:

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