Mitas rolls out high capacity narrow rim tires for self-propelled sprayers

Trelleborg marketing manager Chris Neidert

Mitas is determined to drive the next generation of self-propelled sprayers with its HC 1000 narrow rim option (NRO) tires.

The tire brand rolled out the radial flotation tire at the National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville, Kentucky, last month. In this interview, Trelleborg marketing manager Chris Neidert says the tire is built to handle up to 40 per cent higher load capacities and operating speeds.

“This is the Mitas sprayer tire. That’s how I like to explain it,” says Neidert. “We’re building it in six sizes — two of the sizes are a narrow rim option.”

“The load index is very high, that’s going to enable the tire to carry a big load. Also, it’s got to be a high-speed tire,” says Neidert. “Think of the sprayer applications, the operator is going to load that sprayer up and they want to drive as fast as they can to where they’re going to spread their material. So the HC 1000 brings that high-load, high-speed capability to the market.”

The tire also uses very high flexion (VF) technology to give farmers better traction and ground protection. “VF technology lets the operator run up to 40 per cent less air and still carry the same load as a standard tire,” says Neidert. “The other end of that benefit is you can keep your standard pressure that you run and you can carry up to 40 per cent more load.”

An optimized tread pattern and increased number of lugs ensure reduced soil compaction, lower fuel consumption, better durability and longer service life, notes Neidert. He also feels farmers will see value in the narrow rim option.

“What usually happens when a tire has VF technology, it has to be placed on a wider rim because the tire has a wider casing or shape. That means the operator or the owner of the tires have now probably got to buy another set of rims — but with the narrow rim option, this tire will fit on the standard rim so you’ve got some cost savings there for the operator.”

Watch RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin and Chris Neidert discuss the features of the Mitas HC 1000 NRO:

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