John Deere launches new full line up of precision ag technology

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

John Deere is offering all new displays, receivers and modems in its precision agriculture line up. The new displays — the G5 plus and G5 — will offer three times more processing speed.

Producers around the world share similar needs, and John Deere recognizes the importance of working with producers as they make advances in equipment technology, says Matt Olson, with John Deere, in explaining John Deere’s new precision agriculture technology lineup.

The StarFire 7000 receiver, launched last year integrated with see-and-spray technology, is now a universal receiver able to take precision agriculture a step further with new technology. Olson highlights the SF-RTK satellite accuracy as an upgrade from past models as it have improved accuracy using satellite signal over the past system using local station connection. The StarFire will be available in most regions in time for seeding 2023.

As the role of data becomes increasingly important in precision agriculture, John Deere has also introduced new modems. Olson says the two new modems, the R and the M spec level, are made to meet connection needs of producers. These modems are currently available.

Olson says all of this new tech can be retrofitted to past equipment models. He says that this tech can be used on John Deere equipment or other brands. John Deere has been in the business for 186 years, and Olson says they continue to work with their customers to define the needs as John Deere works towards autonomous equipment.

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