Connecting the dots on farm policy — introducing the “Ag Policy Connection” podcast

Much of what we do at RealAgriculture is simply connecting dots — between different pieces of information and people and experiences — in an attempt to create a clearer picture of our world and the big issues in farming, ranching, and food.

Creating that clearer picture often requires looking to the past to understand where we are today, and where we’re headed in the future, and that’s the goal of a new agriculture policy-focused podcast that we’re excited to launch together with the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI).

The Ag Policy Connection will feature in-depth panel discussions about the policies that shape agriculture, both today and into the future, with the people that were in the meeting room and had a hand in making those policies.

On each episode we’re going to talk about what led to a specific policy change, how it happened, and whether it has stood the test of time or needs to be changed as we look to the future.

For example, we’re planning different episodes on the history of Canada’s Ag Policy Framework, the end of the Canadian Wheat Board, the nitty-gritty of the Canada-EU trade deal negotiations, the decision to opt out of rBST in Canadian dairy, and more.

So whether you’re a fellow ag policy nerd or not, stay tuned. The first episodes of the Ag Policy Connection will be showing up here on RealAgriculture and in your podcast player shortly.

– Kelvin Heppner

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