Poll: Is amalgamation the way to go?

There are fewer farmers every year in Canada. That’s just reality.

The impacts of a shrinking demographic are complex and far-reaching, but also sometimes right in front of us — like now, during the Annual General Meeting season of producer groups.

The same farmer attending four different meetings, for example, doesn’t necessarily make the most sense, now does it? So it’s no wonder, then, that the need for strong policy, producer-member fatigue, and fiscal responsibility have converged in an increasing trend towards producer group amalgamation.

Grain Farmers of Ontario was born out of the merging of the corn, soy, and wheat groups. Having shared staff for some time, the Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley groups are moving towards amalgamation. The Manitoba Crop Alliance, representing wheat, barley, corn, flax, and sunflower growers, is getting rolling.

So, we want to know — is amalgamation smart or silly, worrisome or responsible?