How social interactions — online and IRL — can shape your career in agriculture

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Psychological boundaries are determined by social interactions and experiences.  So what role does this play in your career?

Dr. Cami Ryan, a social scientist, says her journey to leadership was only possible because of her ability to overcome the doubt placed on early in her career. Through that lens, she has studied how social media shapes conversations in agriculture and applies this to how she leads.

Ryan entered her current career in her 30s as a single parent. She was discouraged by a colleague to make career changes and furthering her education. She flipped the switch on this doubt and it sparked her career.

In the past, commitments to family have been framed as a weakness. Ryan says her children have been a driving force in her career. She’s found acting in the best interest of her professional community also benefits personal life and strengthens family.

So how do we apply social science in the agriculture industry? Ryan says that by recognizing that many connections are now made over social media, we can apply social science to get a better understanding of communication. Ryan does this to bridge the gap between science and the social perceptions of agriculture and people in the ag industry.

Ryan says it is important to rewrite the story and remove focus from how one is perceived and move this energy towards solving the issues threatening the ag industry.

Check out the full conversation below, filmed at Prairie Cereals Summit, at Banff, Alta.:

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