The Agronomists, Ep 89: Jeanette Gaultier and Rob Bahry on clever chemistry mixes

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When it comes to weed control, we can’t always wait for the next thing in the pipeline, we need to manage what we have — which sometimes means getting creative.

For this edition of the Agronomists, host Lyndsey Smith is joined by Jeanette Gaultier of BASF, and Rob Bahry of ADAMA Canada, to discuss clever chemistry mixes for tough-to-kill weeds and herbicide layering, with a splash of tank-mix cautions. And of course, it wouldn’t be a weed control discussion without mention of herbicide resistance management.

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  • Lyndsey is back! Her voice too, but not quite as booming as usual.
  • How to work in not just herbicide control?
  • Plant populations, row spacing
  • Things to think about when mixing our chemistries
  • Growing a diversity of crops is key. Strong stands that will compete with those weeds
  • When it comes to weed control in general, think herbicide layering and herbicide mixing
  • Increased interest in the time of year with herbicide mixing
  • This all depends on the year of course, too
  • We may “steal” things from other places, but we are really learning
  • Mixing the oldies but goodies with the newer modes of action can help us tackle a tough weed like kochia
  • Try to use the best herbicide for the best application timing
  • Do we have new modes of action in the pipeline for wild oats? Or do we need to get creative
  • Jeanette disappeared! Darn Starlink
  • We can’t always just wait for the next thing in the pipeline, we need to manage what we have

CLIP 1: Soybean School: Waging war with herbicide-resistant waterhemp

  • Economic weed control. It’s not just about controlling the weeds, either. We have to be realistic
  • We can’t eliminate every weed. But, it’s not necessarily about elimination, it’s about keeping the seed bank low
  • Kochia and red-root pigweed can set seed when they are small
  • Understanding the weed spectrum is one part of this
  • Lambs quarters is another prolific seed setter
  • Fleabane is becoming a bigger issue in Manitoba. Already a big issue in Ontario
  • Layering isn’t necessarily a herbicide on a different herbicide — it’s got to do with spraying different times of the year
  • How prevalent are antagonistic issues? And how do we manage those?

CLIP 2: Avert a spray disaster by using the proper mixing order

  • Remember WAMLEGS for herbicides
    • W (wettable powders, dry flowables)
    • A (agitation, add buffers, water conditioners)
    • M (microcapsule suspension, soluble concentrates)
    • L (liquides, solubles)
    • E (emulsifiable)
    • G (glyphosates)
    • S (surfactants)
  • Glufosinate is on a lot of peoples radars now

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