Consulting service brings labour relief to dairy farms

Martin VandenHoven

Dairy farming is labour intensive 365-days of the year. It’s also an industry that can be both physically and technologically demanding all at once. Because of the round-the-clock care dairy farms require, it takes a certain kind of temporary work force to fill in when farmers need time off.

Martin VandenHoven, of Relief Herdsmen Services, says that his business is much more than just providing milking services. He says that there’s a big demand for experienced dairy farm help for everything from feeding, to herd work, to milking and everything in between.

The skills required to feel comfortable on a range of dairy farms can be a bit overwhelming at first, but he says that’s where experience and time come in.

Currently offering services in Ontario, VandenHoven says the 35 or more employees on the roster are expanding to outside the province as well.

Watch/listen below for the conversation between Bern Tobin and Martin VandenHoven at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show: