Agricultural Excellence Conference set to return in-person after three-year hiatus

Farm Management Canada executive director Heather Watson.

From November 22 – 24, producers from across the country will gather again for the Agricultural Excellence Conference after three years of the farm business management conference being held online.

The conference, put on by Farm Management Canada, will be held in Canmore, Alta., and will tackle topics from optimizing growth potential, to taking at look at resilience and sustainability, and everything in between.

Heather Watson, executive director of Farm Management Canada, says they are very excited to have these important discussions and learning sessions, alongside a plenty of “handshakes and hugs.”

“In terms of a farm business management focus, there’s no other event that is just focused on that. And also, practical takeaways. So you know, we can talk about theory until we’re all blue in the face, but knowing that, okay well, what does it mean specifically for my farm,” Watson explains.

“We definitely invite everyone with open arms, and our family is always growing. We have those that come out every year, but we’re always looking forward to new faces because we have so much to give, and to show, and to bring them into, that often doesn’t get a lot of attention in the agricultural sector.”

Check out the full conversation between RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney and Watson, below: