The Agronomists, Ep 83: Jason Voogt and Rob Miller on fall weed control

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Fall weed control isn’t just something to consider in the depths of the fall, it’s something to consider now, in the final days of summer. The key takeaway is not one solution but a whole myriad of things, through integrated pest management (IPM).

Joining host Lyndsey Smith to discuss the topic is Jason Voogt of Field2Field Agronomy, and Rob Miller of BASF.

This episode of The Agronomists is brought to you by ADAMA Canada, Decisive Farming, and the Soybean School.

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  • Lots of disease showing up in Manitoba over the past couple of weeks. It may not be weed control…but alas, interesting
  • Forget about the leaves, focus on the pods, when it comes to a pre-harvest pass on beans
  • Be fashionably late, rather than too early. Pay attention to those maximum residue limits (MRLs)
  • Between the rows in a corn crop are where you will often see a lot of weeds, due to where the sunlight hits, starting now and in the next two weeks
  • Where you didn’t get great canopy cover can often be trouble areas, too

CLIP 1: Soybean School: Waging war with herbicide-resistant waterhemp

  • What the heck do we do with resistant waterhemp? The situation is pretty dire
  • It’s not just an Ontario issue, either. It’s moving
  • We still have to use multiple modes of effective action
  • We’re not going to spray our way out of resistant management
  • Once you know what you are looking for, you’re going to find it
  • Often times when we are talking fall weed control, we’re talking perennials
  • We need to get in the habit of not just using pre-emerge in corn, but soybeans as well
  • Lots of farmers are seeing a lot of regrowth with annuals, as well. Especially in a no till or reduced till standpoint
  • As we change practices, it is always going to change how we manage herbicide resistance
  • Kochia is a pain. That is all.
  • Soil doesn’t care what it grows…so long as it’s covered

CLIP 2: Soybean School: Controlling Canada fleabane with cereal rye

  • Is cereal rye the answer?
  • Benefit of the soil cover, and the weed control as well. It’s a win-win
  • If you make room for weeds, they’ll take it
  • Fall rye is growing in popularity, especially in the areas that have potatoes and dry beans
  • If the fall weed problem is significant enough, you may want to consider changing up the next years crop to help control. In some situations there are more flexible options
  • Fuel is expensive, too. If we’re going across the field, you likely only want to do it once
  • Palmar amaranth… we need to keep our eyes open. It only takes one seed to get things started. This particular weed also loves drought
  • Sow thistle is going to be a huge priority at this time of year
  • The spring rush is always busy…if you can eliminate that early pass, you are setting yourself up for success.

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