Ongoing logistics challenges point to continued tight pesticide supply for 2023

In thinking of the current global logistics situation for several products, the concept of out of the frying pan and into the fire seems appropriate.

First, it was the pandemic that shuttered factories and closed ports. Now, the longer-term impacts of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and other logistics challenges are continuing to weigh on the supply of several agriculture inputs, including herbicides.

Cornie Thiessen, general manager, Canada, ADAMA Agricultural Solutions, says that while the supply of product over the Canadian growing season turned out okay, all things considered, we got a little lucky with delayed seeding in the eastern Prairies, which shifted product demand.

So while we navigated 2022 fairly well, the overall challenges of what happened for 2022 are still largely in place for 2023, he cautions.

Thiessen notes that while there is some movement towards more North American manufacturing of some herbicide products, including within ADAMA Canada, overall key ingredients all have to come from somewhere and they don’t all exist here.

Listen to the full interview and explanation from Cornie Thiessen of ADAMA Canada, here:

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