New John Deere Gator comes GPS-ready for boundary mapping and field upkeep applications

(Kara Oosterhuis/RealAgriculture)

Anytime producers can right-size equipment for the job and save money is a good day to be on the farm. John Deere looks to do just that with their new AutoTrac option available on select Gator models starting this year.

The new development allows for hands-free operation and GPS guidance which opens up the door of possibilities for farmers, ranchers, and others including agronomists, to use the Gator for field and boundary mapping, soil sampling, and other field applications that require precision.

“It gives you the ability to run smaller tools like boundary mapping and other small tools that you use to do field maintenance. You know, getting in there, up against tight areas and fence lines and tree lines where they can’t get their bigger tractor in there. And we can get in fields a lot earlier than what the bigger equipment can and at a lot more reduced costs of operation,” says John Davis of John Deere at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.

The AutoTrac Ready option can be ordered on model-year 2023 John Deere 835 and 865 units. Additionally, says Davis, customers can order a 4640 Universal Display and StarFire 7000 Receiver to be added to existing Gator units, or they can repurpose units they already own.

Check out the full conversation and an in-field test drive below:

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