New fungicides lead BASF product launch for 2023

Gibberella ear rot. Photo credit: Lyndsey Smith, 2016

Multimodes of action in one product is the name of the game for many new crop protection products, and BASF’s new line up for 2023 holds to that.

Building on last year’s launch of Veltyma fungicide, growers in Ontario can look for Veltyma DLX in 2023 for protection from northern corn leaf blight, tar spot, and gibberella. The fungicide combines the active ingredient mefentrifluconazole (Revysol), pyraclostrobin and the added fusarium activity of metconazole to provide broad spectrum management of key leaf and ear diseases in corn.

Ken Currah with BASF says eastern growers will also see a new cereal fungicide for the 2023 season with two modes of action on fusarium head blight.

Sphaerex fungicide was available in the west this year for use on wheat, barley, oat, rye, and triticale crops.

Access to the new product will help in the battle against FHB in Ontario, and offers a management tool against deoxynivalenol (DON) infection of the crop.

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